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These discs are programmed with electromagnetic frequencies that, when placed on acupressure points on the skin that are especially sensitive to bioelectrical impulses, block pain impulses.


Provided with each order is simple illustrated information on the placement of the discs and how to find the correct meridians on the body based on the location of your pain.



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Acupressure Pain Relief Holographic Discs (35 discs)

  • Clean selected area thoroughly then place the discs directly on the indicated area(s)


    Example: We suggest that you start at the point of discomfort or pain. Place the first disc directly on the affected area. Place an additional disc on the opposite side of the affected area. If there is discomfort or pain on the top of the wrist, place one disc on the top of the wrist and one on the bottom of the wrist as well. When dealing with back pain, you may want to place a few discs around the exact spot and use a "cross" pattern of one disc on the pain and four more in the cross pattern around it approximately 2 inches apart.

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