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(About Sleep Discs) ..."the discs are very good. My wife tried them and was amazed with the results. They are fantastic. ... I am a doctor...(a)nd these discs achieve a deep non-pharmacological rest, which is very good."

Eduardo O.

…"I was very skeptical but my long-term hip pain has went away…I also put one on my forehead and now I can concentrate better"…
…"After my skiing accident it relieved my pain enough that I was able to rest comfortably and sleep thru the night"…
…"I’m totally amazed how effective this little Disc is. Has performed well on Neck, Elbow and wrist"…

Diane G.

Sheri M.



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 I am a firm believer in the products I offer and I personally stand by them. I know that they work and that you will be completely satisfied. But if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, I will fully refund the price of your purchase. Just go to our Contact Us page and request a refund.  Please share with me why you were dissatisfied in order to help us improve our services and continue providing the highest quality products.

                                                    Mark S. East, RPh  President/Owner

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