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Testimonials for Acupressure Holographic Discs

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Eduardo O. - Chile

    ..."the discs are very good. My wife tried them and was amazed with the results. They are fantastic. ... I am a doctor...(a)nd these discs achieve a deep non-pharmacological rest, which is very good."

Andrew G.

  "Best relief hands down"


Diane G. - California

  …"I was very skeptical but my long-term hip pain has went away…I also put one on my forehead and now I can concentrate better"…


Sheri M. - Illinois

  …"After my skiing accident it relieved my pain enough that I was able to rest comfortably and sleep thru the night"…


Rudy - Californina

  …"I’m totally amazed how effective this little Disc is. Has performed well on Neck, Elbow and wrist"…