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HerillaFingerHydration Ingredients

    HerillaFingerHydration in box

Citric Acid - The citric acid cycle, also known as the Krebs Cycle (named after the biochemist who identified it), is a source of energy for all living cells. It begins with the break-down of glucose (sugar) molecules to carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and ultimately forms citric acid. This citric acid is believed to produce the energy needed for cell function and support that enables the production, rapid regeneration and repair of cells including skin cells.

purified water  - used to hydrate the skin

white petrolatum  - the "oily" part used to soften dry skin and help drive water to its under layers.

propylene glycol  - used as a solvent to combine and hold together the other ingredients

sodium lauryl sulfates  - used to hold the water layer and oil layer of the cream together

stearyl alcohol  - a thickening agent and emollient (increases the skin's water content)

methyl & propyl paraben  - preservatives


MICRONIZED FORMULA - This manufacturing process creates smaller molecular particles of the cream to improve and enhance its penetration into the crack, ultimately resulting in an even smaller amount needed for each application.


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