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HerillaFingerHydration is a unique product used to treat dry, cracked skin. Developed by Registered Pharmacist Richard Herilla, HerillaFingerHydration incorporates a dual-phase technology that restores vital oils and water to damaged skin. Also, with its improved micronized formulathe smaller molecular particles of the cream improve and enhance its penetration into the crack.

Cracked Skin vs. Chapped Skin

Cracked skin is not the same as chapped skin which is a condition of the skin's surface layer. Cracked skin goes much deeper. It is the lack of water or hydration to your skin's inner layers that is the cause of this painful and unsightly condition.


Cracked Finger Chapped Finger



Dual-Phase Technology

Common medicated hand creams, lotions or ointments were designed to work on the top layer of skin and merely lubricate dry skin on the surface. They don't provide any relief for deeper cracks. Because they are mostly oils, they don't penetrate the skin's top layer and fail to deliver ingredients to the inner layers of skin where it's most needed to provide any relief for your condition.

skin layers


HerillaFingerHydration is different because it isn't a lotion or moisturizer. It is a cream that is formulated to deliver water and vital oils to re-hydrate the deeper layers of skin. Its dual-phase formula blends together a carrier and a hydrating component. The oily layer, whose purpose is to increase absorption and hold the hydrating formula, delivers the creamy layer past the top layer of skin. By softening the barrier of dead, dry skin at the surface, it carries the creamy layer deep into the inner layers of skin where the cracked condition actually exists, to hydrate it and promote healing.


 What Causes Cracked Skin?

Everyday life takes its toll on our fingers and skin.


Cold Dry Climates Constant Hand Washing Harsh Chemicals

Dry, cold winters, constant hand washing and working in solvents and chemicals all lead to irritating dry, cracked or split fingers and skin. Other causes include:


Poor Nutrition Drug Side Effects Excessive Alcohol Consumption Constant Standing Poor Circulation Hot Water Forced-air Heat Medical Conditions Hot Dry Climates Detergents Walking Barefoot


Who Can Benefit From HerillaFingerHydration?

HerillaFingerHydration was developed for anyone who suffers from the painful condition of dry, split or cracked fingers, elbows or heels.



How Do I Use HerillaFingerHydration?

With just a small pea-sized amount massaged directly into the crack of the damaged skin a few times a day, you will notice a difference in three to four days! After that, a once-a-day application of this safe, drug- and fragrance-free cream will keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

click here to order nowguarantee sealIf you use HerillaFingerHydration as it is intended for cracked fingers, elbows, heels and other areas of cracked skin (not chapped), we know this product will work for you and that you will be completely satisfied. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with HerillaFingerHydration, you can contact us for a full refund.

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