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Testimonials for HerillaFingerHydration

testimonials and reviews

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Lenny M. from Florida. . .

. . .got this result using HerillaFingerHydration and clotrimazole. Lenny tried HerillaFingerHydration but his condition only partially improved. Suggesting that there might also be a fungus present, our pharmacists here, at East Enterprises, suggested Lenny use the antifungal cream clotrimazole with the HerillaFingerHydration and as Lenny says (his finger is)..."almost like new".

                                                                 After using                               After using                             Before Treatment              HerillaFingerHydration          HerillaFingerHydration                                                                                  alone                                   & clotrimazole

 before finger               after finger                  after finger

Shah F. from Uttar Pradesh, India... this result using HerillaFingerHydration for 3 days!

Thumb view            BEFORE         AFTER

before and after thumb

 Finger view            BEFORE         AFTER

before and after finger

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  "Fixed my cracked fingers and heels. I’m not appeasing or sucking up to anyone - this stuff (Herilla) works. Prior to starting my fingers were in bandaids with ointment 20 to 50 percent of the time depending on season and outside chores and my heels like high grit sandpaper. Using a small amount for two months now once a day, I have not had one finger tip crack and my heels are smooth."



  "This stuff is wonderful"



Rosemary from Delaware

 "I've been using this product for many years!! It does exactly  what the package says it does!! Would not want to be without this product!! Always have it available and use it to repair cracked fingers, feet and wherever you need to heal cracked dry skin! I love this product!!!"


 "The cream actually works and cures very quickly, my wife is very satisfied with the product, and she strongly recommended. Thank you very much."

Susan from California

 "Unscented (a positive) and absorbed easily."

Elizabeth from Pennsylvania

 "product as described. [It] came very quickly"


 . . . "[I]t burns like if I put lemon in my cuts! Please warn customers before they buy it."

David from Pennsylvania

 "Wonderful product!! Works just as advertised"


 "Great product! Works great on my dry cuticles."

Amazon Customer

 "Best product I've tried. Heals painful cracks in 1 or 2 applications. Pricey but worth every cent."

Susan S.

 "Worth the price! I’ve used this product over the years and swear by it. As stated, you only need a little bit and within day or 2, your cracks are heeled. It’s amazing and I highly recommend it!"

Carolyn K.

 "Best Product I have ever used in healing cracks on my fingers! You do not need much ...just a tiny dab and just gently rub it over the crack until rubbed in. Use it about 3 times a day and in 2-3 days the crack is sealed. REALLY WORKS!!"

Janice E.

 "This STUFF is amazing!"  

Michelle I.

 "It's one of the best products out there. This product works great for cracked chapped hands."


 "I was desperate for something to work without that greasy feeling. I've ordered this several times because it does wonders on my cracked fingers and nails. I wish it wasn't so expensive but I tell myself I'm worth it and it works."


 "This comes in small tubes, but it is a mighty product. If you have cracked fingertips, you will not believe how quickly this product works. Seems expensive, but this amazing cream goes a long way. Well worth the price."


 "This stuff is amazing. I love it. Works great. I've used it for years"....  


  "Great product" 

Judy W.

   "Amazing product. Works very quickly."

Kirk C. 

   "Really works! Works as advertised."

Lynn H. 

  "This is the best stuff ever, especially now with so much hand washing. Your cracked fingers will feel better in 3 days. It stings when you first start using it but it is so worth it!"


Sarah N.

  "My friend at Bunco group told me about this product. She swears by it. I got it and my husband is trying it. His fingers crack from work and he can't get them healed up."  



  "This stuff is fantastic!! In a little over a day the pain is gone from deep cuticle cracks. It knocks new skin out of the water!"


Sandy B.

  "Your Finger Hydration Cream is truly one of the most amazing products I've ever used! I'm a retired RN & keeping your hands healthy is of major importance! I had cracks on my heels very deep, your cream had them healed in a week! . . . Thank you" 


Nancy M.

  "Wonderful customer service and a great product! Seller was thoughtful, and called when he thought I over ordered. In fact, word of mouth led me to this product and I was purchasing for some small machine mechanics that swear by it. Thank you!!!"


Brenda G.

  "East Enterprises was very helpful, and I had a little trouble ordering at first, so he actually sent an extra one for my troubles, as a surprise. I have never had that experience with a manufacturer, be so courteous and thoughtful. The product works wonders. Follow the directions for quickest results!"


Lisa F.

  "Something that finally works for finger cracks!!! I first saw this at a pharmacy, where the pharmacist told me that it works as long as you remember to use it, and continue to use it a couple times a day once your finger cracks have healed. Such a small amount is needed -- very cost-effective. This winter I have applied several times day, and find a tube lasts several months."


Robin S.



 Nancy W.

  "I had no problems and this cream seems to be working well."


Nancy M.

  "Very good"


Lynn H.

  "Great product, really works"


Carron H.  from Derbyshire UK

  "Fabulous all as described"


Elizabeth R. from Tennessee

  "Works great!!"


Loretta J. from Montana

  ..."I have used the product and it does heal the cracks in the fingertips"


Pat T. from Wisconsin

  "I could not believe this product which I am using for cracked tips of my fingers. WOW! After one day they already feel so much better. Plus I received it...well before expected delivery. Thank-you!"


Lynn H. from New Jersey

  "This is the best product for cracked and split fingers. I highly recommend it!"


Diane B.

  “It’s a great product... I keep the tubes all over the house, (in) the car, etc."


John L.

  "Thanks to your company for creating such an excellent product!! I’ve been suffering with thick dry patches of skin on my hands since 2006. I’ve tried everything else out there- including highly touted products, balms, and oils, and none of them have been as effective as your cream. I wish I had taken ‘before’ pictures, but quite frankly, I didn’t put much hope in your product…boy was I wrong! Keep up the great work."


John M.

  "Your product is still the best in my opinion. I ran out of it, and as an experiment, I decided to try various other creams. I was astounded that those dry areas still have unhealed cracks! Low and behold, I am back to you to purchase 3 more tubes of your miracle cream. When using your cream, my dry patches healed up in 3-4 days."


Melodee H.

  "This cream rocks! Keep making it for sufferers like me!"


Tabitha R.

  "I bought this cream even though I was very skeptical about a month ago. Not even a week later, my fingers, heels, hands did a complete turnaround... I love it!!!! Working with chemicals and hot water at work had left my hands in a miserable state. Now I don't have to worry about it."


Lucia M.

  "Relief! It stings like hell but closes splits faster than any other remedy I've tried over the years!!"


Robin S.



Bonnie T.

  "This is the best cure for dry hands and fingers on the market. Using it totally cures and prevents those painful little cuts and cracks in the skin during the dry winter months in the Northeast USA. I use it all year round, and so does my husband.Thank you, Herilla!!"


Jarvis B.  from Oklahoma

  "This was my answered prayer! When my fingers start cracking around the edges this product heals them right up. absolutely nothing else worked!" 


Lisa T.

  "Best product on the market for cracked fingers! I've tried everything for my cracked fingers. Nothing worked. This product is amazing. Apply several times a day and the healing begins. Wouldn't be without a tube with me at all times!"


Julia F.

  " ***** 5 STARS!!! I have used this product for 2 years now - started when it was LipoHydroDerm. I started recommending this product to all the guys that I work with here (many are outdoor workers) and EVERYONE has come back telling me how great this is and the only thing that has ever worked on their badly cracked fingers. ..."


Michele S.

  "Wow this product really works! I had a very bad spot of eczema on the palm of my hand since April. I started to use this cream at the beginning of July and it is completely healed. So glad my daughter suggested it to me."


Lisa T.

  "The only product that truly works! Very satisfied repeat customer!"


John B.

  "This product is wonderful and works just as it should. Highly recommended! Well done!"


Laura F.

  "This is the best cream ever. I always struggle with cracks and since I've been using this, I don't get them anymore!! Thanks so much!!"


Jan G.

  "I have no idea how this works, but it is eerie how fast it works!"


Leslie S.

  "This stuff really works! Awesome!"


Donna C.

  "So amazing that I ran across this on FB! Just the past few weeks I've been asking everyone what to use on my hands. I clean residential and commercially,  and the tips of my fingers have begun to crack and become hard and dry, especially at the corner of my nails. I cannot wait to try your product!"


Dave H.

  "This stuff really works. In less than one week my fingers are no longer cracked. Good stuff."


Sheila G.  

  "I have had a cracked right thumb for the past 9 years – in winter it is really painful and throughout the year I cannot work properly as a potter, artist, and animator…having to use a rubber glove to protect the skin. I have tried everything. I read about your product on a blog about cracked fingers and ordered a tube at the beginning of the month. It started working right away. I couldn’t believe the relief!! I fully recommend this product to all out there who have problems with cracked sore thumbs – it is just the best. Total Life Changing. Thank you and all good wishes."


Warren D.

  "PLEASE don't stop making this! Only cream that works! Thanks!"


Denise S.

  "This stuff is awesome , I tried everything and nothing works like LipoHydroDerm … Thanks so much!


Dave H.  

  "For all of you who have been looking for something for your cracked fingers, this is the product. Don't waste your time on the other stuff you see at the big box stores they don't work! I have tried them all. I have this problem every winter where I get bleeding fingers from the cracks. I have used liquid bandage on them and still had pain. You know what it is like to use a keyboard when you can't feel the keys? I bought this product and within two weeks my fingers had cleared up and back to normal. Give this product a try. You never know, it may work the same way as it did for me. I am very happy with this product."


Lisa T.

  "Super fast shipping! Seems to be helping my fingers after 3 uses! This product is so wonderful I ordered more to share with cracked finger friends."


Emily C.

  "Love this product! The best of it's type. Hope they come out with a body cream and soap, That would be divine. All American made in PA."


Thomas S. from Tennessee

  "Used this for 2 days and it's already working! AMAZING!"


Lisa T.

  "I have suffered from dry cracked fingers for many years. Tried everything offered in stores. Found this product and am amazed! I saw results on the 1st day. My fingers are back to normal! I am sharing this product with everyone I know who suffers with the same condition. It really works!" 


Alberto N.

  . . ."great product, I see improvement after 1 day!!!!"


Barb N. from Pennsylvania  

  . . . "My daughter told me about this cream and how great it works on her feet. I needed it to combat cracked fingers due to a particular chemotherapy  side effect. It really does work great and I intend to continue to use it on a regular basis. Also, I will gladly recommend this to my cancer support group and my friends. Thank you."


Anthony S. of Nottingham, Great Britain  

  "I just want to say what a relief your cream has been for me. I have tried different types of products on the market and none are as good as this. It works very quickly on my cracked fingers, and relief is very important in my job, using a computer all day."


Dave H.

  "My fingers have scars from the cracks (that) I have had for years. I have not looked forward to the winter because of the open cuts. I have used everything under the sun to try to stop the cracks but nothing worked. The picture on your package is not even close to what my fingers looked like. I count at least six scars on each of three fingers. I would use liquid bandage to cover the open sores and now I don’t need any of that and my fingers are normal. . .This stuff really works. In less than one week my fingers are no longer cracked. Good stuff."


Laurie C.

  "Really works! Wish I had a quart of it! A+++"


Mike C. from Oregon

  "This stuff really works, thanks so much!!!"


Ann M. from Texas

  "I do love your product! (It's the) only thing I have found that keeps my finger and toe crack under control. Even my dermatologist is amazed."


Lilly A.

  "Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Many thanks!"


Lori R. from Illinois  

  "For over 30 years I have suffered every Illinois winter with cracked, bleeding fingers. I've tried every product out there. At one point I had a prescription cream. Nothing worked. I was going to bed with petroleum jelly on my fingers with gloves on. Not anymore!!  Once I got my cracks healed, about 5 to 6 days, I apply every other day. When constant hand washing is necessary, I'll apply a couple of times a day, you'll know you can feel the difference. I can't believe I'll never have to deal with the nagging, painful bleeding healing process over and over again. Bless you. I can't thank you enough."


Sheryl M.

  "A few weeks ago I purchased 2 tubes of cream from you that was recommended by my dermatologist. After 8 plus years of suffering with severe cracked skin that was treated with tons of steroids and ointments that only worked for a short period I am very well pleased with your cream. So far it has worked wonders on my hands and feet. Thank you."


John M.

  "... I've been suffering with thick dry patches of skin on my hands since 2006. I have no idea why these patches started to appear but they did. My doctor said it's not psoriasis but some odd-ball form of eczema or something else he couldn't diagnose. So I went on a quest to cure myself. Long story short I've tried everything else out there - including the highly touted 'almighty' cure-all products such as O'Keefe's Working Hands, Neutrogena Fragrance-Free Hand Cream, every Cortizone cream known to man, various Aveeno brands Jergen's etc., etc. and even various types of balms and oils ad infinitum, ad nauseum - and none of them have been as effective as your LipoHydroDerm (now HerillaFingerHydration) product. Now I can't say my problem is totally cured yet, because those patches of dry skin were soooo bad for soooooo long that it seems to be taking a longer time to heal them up, but at least I'm making progress revitalizing my skin with your product vs. none at all with the competition. They used to split, crack and bleed a lot but now they don't do that anymore and are healing up a lot faster! I wish I had taken 'before pictures', but (quite frankly) I didn't put too much stock or hope in your product. I figured it would be like all the rest. Boy was I wrong! ... Keep up the great work."