Established 2010
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TESTIMONIAL - "The Best Moisturizing Cream on the Planet!"

John M.

"Dr. Herilla's Finger Hydration Cream is simply the best skin moisturizing cream I've ever used. I've suffered with small thick patches of skin on my hands since 2006 (why that started I’ll never know!). These patches would crack and bleed and were very painful, making my life much harder than it needed to be. It was so bad that I couldn’t even handle salty, acidic, or citrus foods because they would literally cause such a sting and burn on my cracked fingers I’d shriek in pain! Before using Herilla Finger Hydration, I tried every other cream on the market to correct my skin condition, but they only gave me temporary relief with no lasting solution. To me, they felt like they only settled on the outer surface of my skin rather than penetrating into the deeper layers. But, with Herilla Finger Hydration, I literally feel the moisture penetrating right into the deeper layers of the skin. Even after washing my hands several times after using it, I can still see Dr. Herilla’s cream working in my skin, as the redness, dryness, and cracking of the area I rubbed it into keeps getting better and better over time. After using his cream, my fingers and hands finally returned to normal; no other cream was able to accomplish this for me. Bottom line: For dry cracked fingers and hands, Dr. Herilla's Finger Hydration Cream is hands-down #1 the best in the world!"